Inwardpath Publishers





Revelations of the soul

Revealed in four volumes that sequentially describe the progress of the soul

as it evolves during life and goes from life to life





Let the Author take you on an Inwardpath Journey of Discovery:-

  • Discover how the soul incarnates in a physical body and its purpose in doing so.

  • Discover how the soul was originally seed like and unfolds its spiritual potential by experience and learning in the physical world.

  • Discover why the soul itself is not affected by either the birth or the death of the body, but dwells forever in the ‘eternal NOW’.

  • Discover how Spirit expresses itself through a soul or Self and the soul or Self expresses itself through a physical body.

  • Discover how the soul needs a foe to fight in order to draw out its strengths and resources, its selfless and spiritual nature, and so it has the strongest foe of all to fight – the self-bound, acquisitive, carnal and instinctual nature.

  • Discover how the soul weaves into the substances of itself the gains made during each life cycle – the faculties and powers, the abilities, capacities, skills and virtues, which it then has for all time.

  • Discover how the soul casts off the carnal and material nature after death, then after a period of timeless rest and refreshment, incarnates again for another round of experience, growth and unfoldment in the physical world.

  • Discover why the body and the mind do not know the soul.

  • Discover the world of the soul, which the mind hides from consciousness without knowing it.

  • Discover why Spiritual Evolution is the purpose of human life, and much, much more.


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