The Spirit in the Zodiac

VOLUME 2: The Spirit in the Zodiac

Having revealed the long-term purpose of life in volume one, volume two reveals some of the evolutionary steps and stages necessary to achieve it, and the part that zodiac influences play in helping to attain the goal of life. It treats of the causes, the rational and the purpose of zodiac influences on the level of the soul, that are back of and behind exoteric or normal astrology, which deals primarily with the casting of horoscopes for personalities. It reveals the plan and intention of the soul in each sign of the zodiac, and the fact that people incarnate in a different sign of the zodiac each time they are born. It also reveals that people incarnate progressively around the zodiac, at first in a clockwise direction while the personality dominates, and then subsequently in an anti-clockwise direction when the soul becomes dominant. It then goes on to describe the spiritual path of return to the Source we all must finally take.