I AM the Spirit in the Body

VOLUME 1: I AM the Spirit in the Body

Volume one seeks to answer the fundamental questions posed by philosophy:
what are we, where did we come from, how did we get here, what are we here for. where are we going when we leave here and if we are going somewhere, how are we going to get there?

These questions are all answered in this volume, but the implications of the answers are so vast that only fundamentals are discussed.

The implications essentially require an expanded view of life from only existing between the cradle and the grave, to include passage through death, a period of discarding the unessentials in the fourth dimensional world, a period of estatic contemplation in the fifth dimensional world, followed by a timeless period of rest and refreshment in the world of the soul, then followed by rebirth and reincarnation and another life cycle in  the physical world. This greatly expanded view of life changes many of our attitudes and ideas about how we should be living our lives and the expectations we have for the future.