Celebrate the Spiritual Realities of Life

VOLUME 4: Celebrate the Spiritual Realities of Life (Extract)

Author’s Note

This volume is the fourth in the series 'discover the secrets of the soul' and it follows sequentially from the first three volumes entitled 'I AM the Spirit in the Body', 'The Spirit in the Zodiac' and 'The Spirit within ALWAYS KNOWS BEST'.

This volume summarizes the essential realities of life revealed by research into the secrets of the soul. It is a celebration of the SPIRITUAL REALITIES OF LIFE, derived from a lifetime of investigation, research and study of the world's esoteric teaching, known generally as the Ancient Wisdom or the Esoteric Doctrine.

This represents a journey that is one of the most beneficial and rewarding experiences it is possible to take. It not only greatly expands one's mental and spiritual horizons, it liberates the mind from fears and anxieties and all the negatives that diminishes people's lives.

Before the journey is commenced there appears to be nothing to know or learn, apart from what is taught by academic disciplines, because the Spiritual Realities of Life reach beyond the normal teaching of science, philosophy and religious belief. They are therefore generally unknown in the modern world. So the question naturally arises – how can the Spiritual Realities of Life be known?

For this knowledge mankind is dependent on, and indebted to, Seniors in Evolution, the 'Masters of Wisdom', the 'just men made perfect', who constitute the spiritual Hierarchy of the planet. The philosophy they teach and their revelations to humanity of the truth and what lies ahead on mankind's long evolutionary journey, of which they have full knowledge, points the way humanity needs to go.

As this teaching is investigated, researched and studied, the more the Spiritual Realities of Life become revealed in extensive vistas of previously unknown knowledge that appears above the mental and spiritual horizons. As elementary stages of the teaching are assimilated, it becomes increasingly apparent that there is vastly more knowledge that still remains to be discovered and known, but the journey is so wonderfully expansive and liberating from the limitations of the mind and all the negatives it is prone to, it needs to be pursued just as far as the pilgrim who takes the journey is able to proceed.

It is for this reason that I have written what amounts to an outline or summary of selected subjects that are essential teaching of the Esoteric Doctrine, by re-interpreting a variety of commonly used words in terms of their spiritual meanings. My purpose in doing so is that these subjects could be used as reference material for essential esoteric teaching, because I believe the fundamentals revealed are those that need to be known in the modern world. I further write with the hope that readers may be encouraged to take this exhilarating and beneficial journey as they reflect on the subjects covered.

Peter Malcolm