About The Author

About the Author

The Author Peter Malcolm commenced his Inwardpath Journey in his early twenties. He suddenly fell ill and was rushed to hospital by his doctor, who advised he would die within six hours unless operated on immediately. On being faced with the possibility of immanent death and on the way to hospital, he had a sudden and overwhelming conviction that not only would he not die, but that death did not end life anyway. This left him pondering the question: if his life began with the birth of the body, then surely it must end with the death of the body. If it does not end with the death of the body, then it must have pre-existed conception and birth of the body. If this is so, then where was he?


The inescapable logic implied in this question led him on a long trail of enquiry and the endeavor to find the answers to this and all the related questions about life, that people tend to assume cannot be known. After reading copious books, after seeking to investigate higher dimensions of consciousness by mediation and many years of astral travel, after intensive study of esoteric philosophy, psychology and super-physical research, out of the mists of confusion and disbelief, the clear light of the many-pointed diamond of truth began to emerge. This revealed that there is a fundamental body of knowledge of the spiritual facts of life that is inviolate, and which is beyond all the conflicting beliefs, theories and skepticism of the modern world.


Sixteen years ago the Author wrote a book entitled ‘Evolution of the soul’ in an attempt to describe the Inwardpath Journey by which truth and the spiritual facts of life can be known. As a sequel, he has now written four more titles describing different aspects of the Inwardpath Journey.
In the first three volumes that comprise this series of the Secrets of the soul, the author has chosen to write them in the first person as “the soul”, in order to convey a sense of how the soul views life from its own dimension, because this contrasts greatly with the normal view of life by personalities in the physical world.


These titles which seek to describe the fundamental truths about life, have proven to be of such benefit to the Author in his own life, that he now wishes to share the astonishing results of his lifetime of research with others. It is his hope and belief that the Spiritual Realities of Life revealed can similarly be of great benefit to many, and provide support, encouragement, enlightenment and the certainty of ultimate victory in the great journey of life.

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