The Spirit Within Always Knows Best

VOLUME 3: The Spirit Within Always Knows Best (Extract)

I see life differently

(This Volume is written in the first person as”the soul”)

I who dwell in the timeless splendour of the world of the soul do not think or imagine or wonder. Mine is a world of being – not of doing, where time and space and separation are not and I AM one with the Source of Life and all that lives and breaths.

I have my being amidst the essences of all things that abide in my world, and so I do not see the appearance of things as you do, looking through the mind and the senses – I see the reality behind the appearance, which so often you do not see.

You see life from the outside, through the screen of the mind and senses. You interpret what is experienced according to your conditioning and perspective’s, but I see everything from the inside as it is and so I know, instead of think. Consequently my perception is true and I cannot be deceived, whereas the mind can both deceive and be deceived. I know by uniting with what I perceive, because in me the observer, the observing and the observed are all one, but the mind separates these in consciousness and so it thinks and interprets, believes or disbelieves but does not necessarily know. In addition, the mind cheats by making endless assumptions about all the things it does not know, whereas I AM the spirit and embodiment of truth itself, which I seek to reflect into the mirror of the mind when you are open and receptive to me.

Until you achieve conscious union with me, what I AM remains on super-conscious levels for you. In the same way, all the knowledge I have acquired during my age-long history remains subconscious and is not normally accessible to you. Who knows what is the depth and extent of their subconscious mind and what it contains; who even knows where their conscious thoughts and ideas come from and go? Yet for me the subconscious mind is an open book, so that my knowledge and garnered wisdom is vastly greater than is contained in the conscious mind. Consequently I always know best and seek to lead you to the truth and what is best for you. I seek to guide you with the voice of conscience, with your innermost impulses and highest ideals; I seek to inspire you with my creativity and greater vision, and to permeate the mind with my subtle radiations.

As I pour part of myself down into the body to give you life, and as I light up the mind with my awareness to give you consciousness, I seek ever to express myself through you and to mould you in my image. The mind and body are my medium for the growth and unfoldment of my latent powers, and for the expression of what I AM in the physical world.

Yet as I look within your heart and mind, I see much that does not express me, that is contrary to what I AM and which does not reflect the truth that I embody. Because of this and because you have not yet fully grown in the image of what I AM, I have not yet achieved realization of myself in you and so you are not yet aware of my presence.

I also see much within that can bring you needless pain and suffering, the causes of which the mind does not see. This can give rise to negative emotions and a sense of injustice for the bad things that happen in life, or to a feeling of being helpless in the face of difficulties that may appear insurmountable, and of feeling bound by an apparently inexorable fate that has no observable purpose.

Looking at life with these sorts of perspective's is like looking at the underside of a carpet. You see only the colourless strands of fibre that appear to come from nowhere and go nowhere. You see perhaps the ugly knots and joins and the whole thing makes no sense to you, but the soul looks at the top side of the carpet.

I see the exquisite pattern being formed in your life. I see that the life being lived follows sequentially from my previous life cycles and that it is an integral part of the total mosaic. Whereas you see everything from the perspective of time and space, I see it all from the standpoint of timeless eternity, and so I not only see all that has gone before this life, I also see what is to come after it and what the end result will be. I see the full picture in which each and every strand of fibre is necessary and has meaning and purpose.

The negative perceptions of the mind need not be, because the soul within knows otherwise, so let me into your heart and use the language of the mind to reveal what is false within. Let me in a spirit of pure helpfulness, enumerate some of the perspective’s I see in your mind about issues that are important in modern life, but which do not embrace the truth that I embody.

Although for the purpose of comprehension we distinguish between soul and mind and body, it needs to be realized that in reality there is only life in manifestation, so that the differentiation’s the mind makes are largely conceptual. Seen from the timeless world of the soul, the distinction between personality and soul (or you and I.) is that of two apparently different aspects of the same life, in which the personality is a vehicle for the expression of the Self*. These differentiations are basically a matter of focus, polarity and realization that do not affect the unity between the two and the timeless reality of the transcendent world in which I have my being.

* The words 'Self' and 'soul' are used interchangeably and have exactly the same meaning; they refer to the spiritual entity that incarnates in the body.